I have enjoyed Stan’s work for years and thanks to the internet I have been able to talk to him. 

Stan allowed me to make this video and gave me positive and helpful tips while working on it. 

It was fantastic to collaborate with a musician I admire. 

He’s a great guy!

I've been a a fan of Nash The Slash since I was 13. 

He was the one that got me into music.

Since his death I felt I wanted to make some sort of video.

For those of you that have misplaced your old Nash records you can find most of them on iTunes and bandcamp and I urge those out there that have never heard of him to check him out!

Where It All Begins marks our 8th CD released over the past 9 years. Despite working exclusively as a duo for the past 10 years we continue to be able to keep our music fresh and original without feeling we are covering old ground or repeating ourselves. In part our success may be based on our approach to making music. There is very little discussion prior to getting together about the specifics of any recording. We generally come together with only the most basic backing track prepared (if at all). Then we collectively improvise by playing live to the piece and playing off each other is doing. As the inspiration hits us, there may be multiple overdubs over the track adding layers and textures. Generally when we get together we record and keep everything. As one would expect, not every recording is a gem. Many ideas and experiments just simply don't work out. Frequently though we end up with a few things that either worked out immediately or are worthy of some tweaking. 


Another aspect to our music is that we pretty much never discuss what kind of music we are trying to make. We are not consciously playing to fit any style or genre of music nor are we attempting to imitate any other artist. Frankly we almost never discuss music styles at all and may not even be aware of what each other listen to. As a result we don't feel constrained to playing anything in particular. The only consideration to our music is after the fact as start to pull together a collection for release. There is a certain amount of effort to make sure we like how the CD flows together

“Shoreline” is very much a CD of 2016 for us. Certainly there is a continuity that can be traced back to our earlier recordings but there is also a sense of where we are today. The tracks on “Shoreline” reflect the maturity and serenity that comes from years of collaboration. There is a sense of patience, a sense of space, and a sense of not rushing, allowing the music to develop. 

We each continue to experiment with our own voices. Mark has been exploring the possibilities and capabilities that come from some of the applications available for the IPad, often using more than one application for a given piece. In contrast, Warren’s guitar playing has become cleaner, less loaded with effects that may have previously masked the guitar’s sound into the electronic texture. There is also continued development of the use of loopers and syncing loops. The hope is to create music that carries a regular rhythmic pulse without strictly relying on drum beats. Of course, ultimately the music must also not fall into tedious repetition but continue to evolve and morph.