is a


filmmaker and

second generation Nihilist.


Just released!

bands from The BOF Shelter

In London, Ontario, Canada, a practice room was built by Owen and Galen’s 

father in the basement of the Curnoe’s house on Weston Street in 1982. 

The room was nicknamed  THE BOF SHELTER.

I made music in that studio with various bands for over 20 years.

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Clown Face - 1993

written & directed by Mark Favro.

Made with a grant from the Ontario Arts Council.

A dark seedy story about a Father and Son.

Welcome To Forever - 1994

directed by Owen Curnoe written by Owen Curnoe, Galen Curnoe & Mark Favro.

A bit of John Woo style in this short action film.

One Fine Day In The Wasteland - 1986

directed by Owen Curnoe, co-written by Steve MacDonald.

Kind of like DOWN BY LAW and MAD MAX mixed together.

Ed & Ford & The Cheezy Invention - 1984

The joke is they are action heroes from another country so their voices are dubbed.

Ed & Ford & The Cheezy Adventure trailer - 1985

The Scavenge - 1985

directed by Owen Curnoe

A mad Max kind of thing with bikes.

Dr.Death - 1986


some super8 stuff from 1980/81


bubbles - 2005

Video by Mark Favro.

I am inspired by those old and weird Sesame Street animations from the early 70's.

phone - 2005

Video by Mark Favro.

parcel - 2005

Video & Music by Mark Favro.

tumbleweed - 2012

Video by Mark Favro. 

Music by Name with no Sound.

Bristow - 2008

Video & Music by Mark Favro.

A tribute to a pioneer.

That Toy - 2007

Video & Music by Mark Favro.

A Christmas video.