(1985-1987) Mark Favro vocals/keyboards/samplers, Owen Curnoe on percussion, Galen Curnoe on guitar/vocals/percussion and Charles Vincent on bass/vocals.


We taught ourselves to play 

and embraced improvisation. 

We had a rusty and grubby sound.

The Blister

Groovy Doomsday

Screamy Meamy

Rain Makes Rust

Rusty Cello

No Hard Feelings

Brain Show live 1987

Below are some recordings and live performances that were one-off musical experiments after the breakup of The Brain Show.

Owen, Galen and I recorded wrong & write and WITHIN in 1988

A concert at the Forest City Gallery in 1988 by a band known as Shocking Tom Hockins & the Stormtroopers Of Fiscal Suicide

Owen, Galen, Mark, Phil Bearden, Mark Goodwyn, and a bunch of others joining in for crazy live concert fun.